Outbox is a web-based application that allows users to securely share files up to 50.0 GB in size.


Faculty, Staff and Students


You must have a TAMU-CC e-mail account to request a file drop off.


Files are automatically deleted from the TAMU-CC Outbox 14 days after upload.

Using Outbox

to Outbox

  1. Access Outbox.
  2. Login using your IslandID and password.

Outbox Navigation

  1. Home Tab
    1. Drop-off files. The first and last checkboxes are optional. The others, which are selected by default, should remain checked.
      1. “Encrypt every file”
      2. “Calculate SHA-256 checksum of each file” to confirm file integrity and authenticity.
      3. “Send me an email when each recipient picks up the files”
      4. “Send email messages to recipients” This option provides for an email to be sent to the recipients when the drop off has completed.  If this option is not selected, you will need to notify the recipient that the file(s) have been dropped off.
      5. “which includes Passcode as well as Claim ID” This option provides a Passcode and Claim ID in the recipient’s email, above, to access the file(s).  If this is not checked, you will need to provide the Passcode and Claim ID to the recipient.
      6. “Recipients must agree to terms and conditions” requires the recipient to agree to Outbox terms and conditions for use.
    2. Request a Drop-off of file(s).
    3. Pick-up file(s).  Must have Claim ID and Claim Passcode to pick-up files.
  2. Inbox tab: View any available drop-offs.
  3. Outbox tab: View any sent drop-offs.
  4. Logout tab: Log out of Outbox.
  5. English (US) tab: Select your preferred language. 

Additional Resources