Jabber for Remote Work


Cisco Jabber is an anytime, anywhere collaboration tool that streamlines communication, enhances productivity, and allows campus faculty and staff to interact with contacts inside and outside of the university.


Faculty and Staff


You must have a university assigned phone extension to use the phone call functionality.

Important Notes

To use Cisco Jabber remotely for the first time, your device must be connected to the TAMU-CC VPN.  Jabber remote will not require VPN after the initial installation.

Getting Started

Download and Installation of Cisco Jabber

  1. Visit the TAMU-CC Cisco Jabber Download site.
  2. Select the option that is compatible for your device to start download. (Note: TAMU-CC login and Duo authentication required.)
  3. Once the download is complete open the file and select the “CiscoJabber-install-ffr.12-8-0” folder.
  4. Select “CiscoJabberSetup” to begin installation.
  5. Read the Cisco Jabber for Windows Terms of Use.
  6. Select Accept and Install.
  7. Select Finish once the installation is complete. (Note: If the installation fails, Select Cancel and try again.)

Jabber Setup

Setting up Jabber

  1. Launch Cisco Jabber.
  2. Enter your TAMU-CC email address.
  3. Select Continue.
  4. Once Jabber login screen is displayed, enter your TAMU-CC IslandID and password.
  5. Select Sign In.
  6. Once signed in, a 911 notice will appear.
  7. Accept this by selecting OK. (Note: If you do not accept this notice, Jabber will not function correctly.)
  8. Once the Jabber main screen appears, select the My profile and settings button to review your profile and settings.
  9. Select Settings to check that your audio and video settings have the correct microphone, speaker, and video camera set and are working properly.
    1. To modify audio settings
      1. Select Audio.
      2. Update the options for Ringer/Alerts, Speaker, and/or Microphone as necessary.
      3. Select OK.
    2. To modify video settings
      1. Select Video.
      2. Update the Camera option as necessary.
      3. Select OK.
    3. To modify default audio and video settings for calls
      1. Select Calls.
      2. Select the options you prefer.
      3. Select Apply.
      4. Select OK.