Laserfiche Forms


Laserfiche Forms is a web application that allows organizations to develop and use web forms to collect or work with information. Business processes are defined to route, interact with, and manage the information.  Forms are centrally created and maintained by the Division of IT at the request of University departments. 


Faculty and Staff

Important Notes

Laserfiche Form requests will be prioritized based on urgency, complexity of process, and staff availability to complete requests.

Requesting a new Laserfiche Form

  1. Faculty and Staff can request the creation of a Laserfiche form.
  2. Send an email to
    1. Email subject line needs to be “Laserfiche Form Request”.
    2. If available, please provide the existing business process and attach the existing form.
    3. If existing information is not available, provide as much detail as possible.

Requesting updates to an existing Laserfiche form

  1. Only the Form owner, or delegate, can submit a request to update an existing Laserfiche form.
  2. Send an email to
  3. Email subject line needs to include
    1. Modification to Laserfiche Form Request
    2. The name of form to be Updated.
  4. Provide as much detail about the change as possible or attach a mockup of the changes.