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Tutorial & User Guides (TUGs)

Welcome to the Information Technology Tutorials & User Guides (TUGs) page. This TUGs page serves as the repository of resources designed to help you use the technologies available to you as members of the TAMU-CC Islander community. TUGs are categorized by use type, listed in alphabetical order. We hope you find them useful, and we welcome any feedback or resource suggestions that could benefit your fellow Islanders.


 Administrative and Business

Services that support the administrative and business functions of an institution. Includes business capability and process automation, financial and procurement systems, human resource systems, library systems, and student information systems.

Communication & Collaboration

Services that facilitate institutional communication and collaboration needs. Includes conferencing and telephones, email and collaboration services, media and audio/visual, and web services.


Desktop and Mobile Computing

Services that support access and use of community members’ devices and related peripherals. Includes desktop and mobile device support, printing and related services, and software and applications distribution.

Information Security

Services that provide security, data integrity, and compliance for institutional activities. Includes identity and access management, security consulting and educations, incident response and investigation, and security policy and compliance.


IT Professional Services

People-based services that support the management of IT for the institution. Comprises consulting services not related to specific services identified in other categories. Includes enterprise architecture, continuous improvement & innovation, digital accessibility, IT communication & documentation, IT service delivery & support, portfolio & project management, and training & outreach.

Teaching & Learning

Services providing instructional technology and resources directly supporting teaching and learning. Includes learning management systems, instructional technology and design, assessment and learning analytics, lecture capture, and polling and surveys.