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About OIS

The Office of Information Security is located in Corpus Christi Hall, Suite 203.

The responsibilities of the OIS include:

Compliance: Overseeing the University's compliance with various information security regulations, e.g.,PCI, HIPAA, TAC 202, FERPA, etc.

Incidents: Investigating incidents that might have information security consequences, e.g., theft of a laptop, hacking, or malware.

Education: Informing the community about information security principles, news, and best practices.

Initiatives: Executing various information-security initiatives, e.g., campus-wide deployment of anti-virus software or routine penetration testing.


Kevin Glynn
Chief Information Security and Privacy Officer
(361) 825-2124

Susan Quinn
Information Security Analyst
(361) 825-2152

Johnathan Cooper
Information Security Analyst
(361) 825-5534