Island ID Account Recovery

All users need to enter their IslandID Account Recovery Information. This is simply your non-TAMUCC email address and/or a SMS-enabled phone number. This information is important when you change or reset your IslandID password; we will send the necessary reset or password change information to the provided contact info. 

Your Island ID is used for the following:

Access to campus computers
Library computer resources
Falcon web accounts
Single Sign-On
Islander email
Exchange email
Wireless access at TAMUCC
TAMUCC scholarship website
Camden Miramar website
Other resources are being implemented regularly.

Related FAQ's:

  • What happens if I don't enter my account recovery information?
    You will not be able to use the online password reset.

  • Why should I submit my account recovery information?
    Setting up account recovery information will assist you with the password reset process for your IslandID.  By providing a phone that receives text messages, along with the service provider information and/or a non-TAMUCC email address, such as Gmail or Yahoo, you can specify where your password reset token is sent. A password reset token is used to reset your IslandID password. 

  • How do I set up my account recovery?
    Follow the steps below to set up your account recovery info.
    1. Click here.
    2. Click on "Set up Account Recovery Info."
    3. Enter your service provider and/or a non-TAMUCC email address (such as Gmail or Yahoo).
  • How does this affect me as a new student?
    Students, when you claim your new account, you will be prompted to enter your new account recovery information. Otherwise, account recovery procedures will effect you in the same way that all users will be effected. Enter your account recovery information right away so that changing or resetting your password will be hassle-free. Please be aware that you will need to have claimed your IslandID account before entering account recovery information. Follow this link.

  • How does this affect me as a current user?
    If your password expires, or you forget your password, you will be able to make changes quickly and in one central location. Your password reset token will be sent to you via text or e-mail, rather than being displayed on your computer screen. This location can also be used to change your password.

  • Is my IslandID the same as my A-number?
    No, your IslandID is not the same as your A-number. They are two different forms of identification with different reset processes. However, to ensure security, they can be required at the same time.

  • My phone provider is not listed under the recovery information. What do I enter?
    If your phone provider is not listed, select "other."

  • I've set a new password. How long before I can use it?
    As soon as you set a new password, it immediately takes effect on all systems that use an IslandID and password. See the list above for some examples of systems that use your IslandID.

  • What do I do if I have problems or questions about this process?
    You are always welcome to call the IT Help Desk at any time with questions or concerns.