Get Started - Faculty and Staff


Welcome and congratulations new Islanders! As a new employee of Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi these simple steps will help ensure a successful start to your time as an faculty or staff.


1. Complete the Human Resources On Boarding Process:  The Human Resources on boarding process provides several tasks that you must address before the beginning of the semester. Many of these items can be processed at the New Faculty Orientation.




2. Claim your IslandID:   An IslandID and password are necessary to sign into most University resources. These credentials are issued to employees during the hiring process. Emails explaining the account claim process are sent out 24-48 hours after HR on-boarding steps have completed. Claim yours by following the link below and clicking on "New User?". 

*Please note that faculty and staff will lose access to the IslandID account and Office 365 (including email) on the date of separation from the University. 




3. Setup Account Recovery Information: After claiming your IslandID you will be required to answer security questions for account recovery. Additionally, once your password is set, you have the option of providing an alternate email address and phone number as recovery methods. If you have issues recovering your account, please contact the IT Service Desk for assistance. 



4. Enroll your Device for Duo Two-factor Authentication: All TAMU-CC employees are required to use a second factor of authentication when logging into IslandID systems such as Blackboard and University email. Verifying your identity using a second factor, such as your phone or other mobile device, will prevent anyone but you from logging into your accounts. Even if they know your password.



5. Log Into Your University Email:
  Upon logging into your TAMU-CC workstation for the first time, it is recommended that you open Microsoft Outlook to setup and use your University email.  The University email is the primary avenue of communication for all University business, including correspondence from the Business Office, Financial Aid, Housing and Campus Announcements. 


6. Log Into Single Sign-On: The Single Sign-On (SSO) portal contains Human Resources programs such as payroll and leave information. As a new employee you must set up your account with your UIN, provided by Human Resources office.  After your IslandID is created, the IslandID should be used to sign into the SSO portal.  Employees that separate from the University will revert to using your UIN for former employee data.


7. Login to campus Wi-Fi: You will use your IslandID and password to connect to the Islander_Admin wireless network. If you are currently using Islander_Student, please switch to Islander_Admin.