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Blackboard Course Merges

Cross-listed and multiple-sectioned courses in the Blackboard system can be merged to help instructors save time from having to duplicate content for several courses. Section Merge brings enrollments from one or more sections (“child” courses) into one “master” course. Once merged, students and instructors have access to one “master” course only.

Request courses or sections to be merged by submitting your request to at least two weeks before the semester starts. The request must come from the Instructor on Record (or department chair) via their University email address and include the CRN numbers of the courses. Please indicate which will be the master course. 

The master course is the course the instructor wants the students to see when the merge is complete. Typically it is the course that contains the course content.

NOTE: If an instructor is requesting that their course be merged with another instructor’s course, all instructors involved must send in consent to allow completion of the merge request. Lecture courses and labs cannot be merged together.



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