Assistive Technology Available During COVID-19

Temporary Licenses for Assistive Technology*

As we all practice physical distancing (commonly known as social distancing), we are adapting to the need for technological solutions that we can use at home for remote work or online learning. The following list includes services that are being provided free or at a low cost for the duration of COVID-19, or around the middle of summer.

Freedom Scientific

  • Sign up/Install: Free temporary Home License for JAWS, ZoomText, or Fusion
  • Available for: Students, Faculty, Staff, Public
  • Limit: Install one product on up to three PCs (Microsoft Windows 7 or 10)
  • Duration: Ends August 31, 2020 (extended)
    • 20% discount to US users renewing Home Annual License before July 31, 2020

Kurzweil Education

Free Assistive Technology and Accessibility Features*

The following assistive technology or accessibility features are always available for free within their software and built into the operating systems on computers and mobile devices.

Assistive Technology

Devices (Operating Systems)


* Disclaimer: Not all products and services listed here have been reviewed for accessibility compliance or supported by Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi. This list is provided as a convenience for people with disabilities already using these products and services with external partners to the university. Always use caution when considering procuring IT products and services, especially when they are provided free of charge. Customer and technical support may be limited or non-existent.