Eduroam is a wireless network you can use to access the internet when visiting other Eduroam-member universities. To see if the university you will be traveling to is an Eduroam member, follow this link.  

User Availability

Faculty, Staff and Guests

  • Information for Faculty and Staff:

         If you are a TAMUCC faculty or staff member, follow these steps to connect to Eduroam:

         1. Search for available internet networks. Left-click on the Eduroam wireless network.

         2. When prompted, enter your IslandID and password

         3.  Left-click on OK.

         4. You will be connected to the Eduroam network.

  • Information for Guests:

TAMUCC offers Eduroam access to guests from universities that are also Eduroam members. You should be able to find the Eduroam network in the same way that you look up other wireless internet networks. However, in order to sign in, your home institution will need to provide you with log-in information.

Support Information

Please contact the IT Help Desk for additional assistance.