New Students

Support and Services

New to TAMUCC and trying to figure out what you need to know? The following information should help you understand the basics in order to get started.

The Information Technology Help Desk operates to help you with issues related to Island ID access, wireless connection, and University-supported resources. While the Help Desk can not actually work on a student's computer to fix hardware or software problems, a number of issues can be addressed. Please use the contact information on the Information Technology website.

Island ID  and A-Number Information

Your Island ID

Students have two different forms of identification while at TAMUCC, called their Island ID and their A-Number.

Your Island ID is used to sign in to most University resources. Usually, it is the first letter of your name, followed by your last name, although this can vary. You'll use your Island ID with your Island ID password.

As a new student you will need to claim your Island ID and password, as well as enter your Account Recovery information.

For more information, or to claim your Island ID and enter Account Recovery information, follow this link. You will need to have your A-number to complete this process (see below if you have questions about your A-number).

Claiming Your Island ID

If you find that you are having trouble claiming your Island ID, you can call the IT Help Desk for assistance. If you need to talk to someone in person, the library has computers set up in the central area where you can claim your account. Technicians on the second floor of Corpus Christi Hall are also trained to provide assistance with Island ID issues. Please feel free to make use of these resources.

Keeping Your Island ID Active

While at TAMUCC you will be asked to provide your Island ID information regularly. You can check out this list of resources that require an Island ID and password.

Also, be aware that your Island ID password expires every 180 days. Although you can reset a password if this happens, it's more convenient to make sure you change your password beforehand. You can change your password (or reset it if it does expire) by clicking on this link.

Your Island ID is Not the Same as Your A-Number

Your A-Number is not the same as your Island ID. Your A-Number is another form of identification that is issued through the registrar's office and used for different resources, such as S.A.I.L. It can be retrieved by visiting, or by calling the Registrar's office at 361-825-2624.

Although S.A.I.L. is supported by the Registrar's office, the Information Technology Help Desk will assist you if you have trouble logging in, or need your PIN reset.

Computer Set-up

Software for Personal Computers

The Information Technology department does not offer software to students. However, you can go directly to the Microsoft Office website and find affordable options in their student resources.

Available Apps

Yes. You can check your grades, keep up-to-date on class requirements, and have important information at your fingertips. Check out available apps.  

Wireless Access

Getting online is fairly simple. You can use campus computers, or access the wireless network from your personal computer or mobile device. Just find the applicaple instructions and connect to the network. [Link to FAQs page]


Please be aware that using University resources comes with a certain amount of responsibility. Students are required to obey copyright regulations and comply with University policies. Also, resources are provided so that users understand security threats, such as phishing e-mails and scams. Please familiarize yourself with these materials to keep your information safe