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New to TAMUCC and trying to figure out what you need to know? The following information should help you understand the basics in order to get started. Please be aware that departments should assist newly-hired employees with the set-up of these resources. 

The Information Technology Help Desk operates to help you with a number of issues, including (but not limited to) account access, internet connection, software and hardware on your University computer, and classroom support . Please use the contact information on the Information Technology website for questions and concerns. The Help Desk will make sure the correct person assists you.

Claiming Accounts and Passwords

Faculty and Staff have three forms of identification. This includes an Island ID (which is used in conjunction with an Island ID password), an A-Number (or Banner ID), and a UIN number. These forms of identication are not the same and are requred for different resources. Your department should help you access these credentials. The following procedures are generally followed to claim these accounts.

  • Island ID and password are claimed by filling out an Account Request form which is accessed by contacting the Information Technology Help Desk.
  • A-Number (Banner ID) is issued to new hires through their department.
  • UIN numbers are issued to new hires through their department and Human Resources. 

Only Island ID is directly supported by the Information Technology Help Desk. Follow this link for a list of resources that require an Island ID

Also, please be aware that you will need to enter your Account Recovery information in order to simplify updating password information in the future. This is very important for ease of access. Please read more here.

Outlook E-mail

Information Technology provides a collaborative e-mail and calendar service using Microsoft Exchange with regular system back-ups.  E-mail is provided to all faculty and staff throughout the duration of employment with the University. You will be granted access to this system through your department.

More information about Microsoft Outlook e-mail is available here.

Setting up Computers and Mobile Devices


Microsoft, Adobe and Camtasia software can be purchses through the Information Technology website. Access these resources here.


Use your phone or mobile device to access information. Find University-related apps here.

Office Set-Up

Wired and Wireless Networks

Once your department has worked with the Information Technology department to establish a wired network to your office, you may find these instructions useful. Please be aware that although wireless access is available on campus, it is important to have office computers wired to the campus network.

More resources here.


Departments are responsible to help new employees set up their work-space, including their phone. This process is done through the Telecommunications department. Once the phone is operating, more resources are available here.


Please be aware that using University resources comes with a certain amount of responsibility. Users are required to obey copyright regulations and comply with University policies. Also, resources are provided so that users understand security threats, such as phishing e-mails and scams. Please familiarize yourself with these materials to keep your information safe