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Welcome and congratulations new Islanders!  You have just been accepted to Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, but what now?  Follow these simple steps to ensure a successful start to your time as an Islander.

1.  Know your Student ID (A-Number):  Your A-Number is another form of identification that is issued through the Registrar's office and used for different resources. Retrieve your Student ID by visiting "Forgot your Student ID?" or the "Get my Student ID" page.



2.  Claim your IslandID:  An IslandID and password are necessary to sign into most University resources. These credentials are issued to students upon acceptance to the University. You must wait 24-48 hours after receiving your acceptance email, to claim your IslandID account. Claim yours by following the link below. 


3. Setup Account Recovery Information: After claiming your IslandID please be sure to setup account recovery information. By providing an alternate email address and phone number to reach you at, you will be able to reset your password if you forget it. If you do not complete this step, you may be locked out of your account for a period of time until you can contact the IT Service Desk for assistance.  



4. Enroll your device for Duo Two-factor Authentication: All TAMU-CC students are required to use a second factor of authentication when logging into IslandID systems such as Blackboard and University email. Verifying your identity using a second factor, such as your phone or other mobile device, will prevent anyone but you from logging into your accounts. Even if they know your password.




5.  Log Into Your University Email:  As soon as you have claimed your IslandID verify you can log into your University Email.  The Islander email is the primary avenue of communication for University business, including correspondence from the Business Office, Financial Aid, Housing and Orientation.

*Please note that as students of the University, access to your IslandID account, email and Office suite is retained for two long semesters (Spring, Fall, and Summer 1 & 2 combined) after your date of last attendance. Any data stored in Office 365 needs to be retrieved prior to the end of this period.




6.  Log Into S.A.I.L.:  Log into S.A.I.L. once you have your IslandID.  S.A.I.L. is a secure student portal where you will access your student, academic, and financial aid records at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.




7. Login to campus Wi-Fi: You will use your IslandID and password to connect to the Islander_Student wireless network. 


8. Logging into Blackboard: 
New students must be registered for classes to obtain access to Blackboard and will not be able to log into the system until the first day of classes.