Frequently Asked Questions


Log in and Password Issues:

Q. What is the difference between my A-number and my Island ID?
A. Your A-number is not the same as your Island ID. Your A-number is another form of identification that is issued through the Registrar's Office and used for different resources, such as SAIL. It can be retrieved by visiting, or by calling the Registrar's office at 361-825-2624.  Your Island ID is used to sign in to most University resources. Usually, it is the first letter of your name, followed by your last name, although this can vary. You'll use your Island ID with your Island ID password.

Q. Which systems use Island ID and password for log in?
A. Most University systems use these credentials for log in. For a list, go to the account section of the IT site.

Q. How do I get my Island ID and password?
A. In order to retrieve your Island ID and password, you will need your A-number. This was provided to you in your letter of acceptance to the University and can also be retrieved by calling the Registrar's Office. Next, follow this link and select the "New User" option. 

A. Where can I change or reset my password?
Q. Follow this link and select the appropriate option.  Please note that this is your Island ID and password which is used for most University systems, so changing or resetting a password will apply to these other resources, too.

A. How do I know when my password will expire?
Q. You will be alerted 10 days before your password expires when you use a University computer or system (such as Blackboard or E-mail). Passwords expire every 180 days.


Q. How do I log in to Blackboard?
A. Use your Island ID and password. The Blackboard link is provided on the left side of our page, however, you can also access Blackboard here.

Q. Is my Blackboard password the same as my Islander e-mail password?
A. Yes.

Q. Where do I download the Respondus Lockdown browser?  
A. Please follow this link and select the appropriate option.

Q. My Blackboard password stopped working. What do I do?
A. Follow this link. If you remember your password, choose the "Change Your Password" option. If you do not remember it choose "Forgot Your Password."

Q. I can log in to my Islander e-mail but not into Blackboard. What's going on?
A. There may be an issue with your Blackboard account. Please call the IT Help Desk.

Q. I just registered for a course. When will it show up in Blackboard?
A. It can take 24-48 hours for information to appear.

Q. I was taking an exam on Blackboard and got kicked out. What do I do?
A. You will need to contact your professor. Also, be sure to contact the IT Help Desk and provide the following: CRN, course name and section, exam name, where the exam was located in your course, and the browser used while taking the exam. The IT Help Desk will not be able to help you re-enter the exam, but we can verify with your professor that you called so you have a record of the problem.

Q. I am having trouble with the discussion board. What do I do?
A. First, try another internet browser. If this doesn't work call the IT Help Desk and provide the following information: Computer operating system, browser, course name, course CRN, instructor's name, your name, and your Island ID.

Q. I am having trouble with Blackboard blogs. What do I do?
A. Try using another internet browser. Also, make sure that you type the post into the browser text box instead of copy and pasting. If this doesn't work call the Help Desk. Be prepared to provide the following: Operating system, browser, course name and CRN and your instructor's name. Also, provide your Island ID, A Number and the problem you're experiencing.

Q. Why can't I see my courses when I log into Blackboard?
A. Courses are made available by the instructor on the first day of classes; although instructors can choose to make a course available sooner if desired.

Q. Why are old courses still visible in Blackboard?
A. Try clicking on the gear icon to the right of My Courses to edit the course list.

Q. How do I download Blackboard Mobile Learn on my phone or tablet?
A. Please follow this link. 

Q. Where do I find Blackboard info for online learning?
A. Please follow this link.


Q. Does the IT Help Desk assist with SAIL log in?
A. The IT Help Desk will assist with log in by verifying user ID's and resetting passwords, if necessary. If a parent calls on a student's behalf, the Help Desk will need to confirm that a FERPA form has been filed.

Q. How do I log on to SAIL?
A. You will your use A-number to log in to SAIL.  Your password will be an individual pin number.


Q. Which wireless network should students use?
A. Use the Islander_student network.

Q. Where can I access wireless internet?
A. Users should be able to connect to wirelesss internet anywhere on campus. 


Q. What is my CRN number?
A. Your CRN number is used to identify courses and is usually five digits long.

Q. Where do I find the CRN number for a course I am enrolled in?
A. The CRN can be located in SAIL. The Call Number (CRN) for each course is located in the CRN column of the class schedule.


Q. Does the University support personal computers and laptops?
A. No. 

Q. What is Code Blue and where do I enter necessary information?
A. Code Blue is a communication system (using texts and e-mails) to communicate with the University in the event of a campus emergency. Enter your Island ID and password to log in and enter your contact information. Go to: