Frequently Asked Questions

Faculty & Staff


Q. How do I execute an Argos report?
A. Please see our Argos Tutorial here.


Q. Where can I find detailed Blackboard instructions and tutorials for faculty?
A. Go to Islander Online faculty resources here.

Q. How do I merge courses in Blackboard?
A. The process for merging courses has changed.  Please review the new process by following this link.

Q. How do I change or reset my Blackboard password?
A. Please go to the password page here and click on the appropriate option. Please note that this is your Island ID and password which is used for most other University systems, so changing or resetting a password will apply to other resources, too.

Q. How do I know when my Blackboard password will expire?
A. You will be notified 10 days before your password expires. Passwords expire every 180 days. Please note that this is your Island ID and password.

Q. Where do I download the Respondus Windows Installer? 
A. Please follow this link.

Q. How do I allow my students another attempt on a quiz or exam?
A. If a student experiences technical difficulty while taking a test, or needs another attempt, you can submit or clear the test attempt. Clearing an attempt will cause the grade to be cleared from the Grade Center and the student will be able to retake the test. To clear an attempt: Locate the cell containing the student's attempt in Grade Center. Access the cell's contextual menu and select View Grade Details. On the Grade Details page click Clear Attempt. Click OK to confirm and remove the attempt. In the Grade History tab, the action is recorded with Attempt Grade Cleared. In the Grade Center no grade or icon should appear in the student's text cell.

Q. Where do I enter my grades?
A. From within the course select Grade Center > Full Grade Center > Enter the grades manually. Or, go to the Grade Center > Needs Grading.


Q. Are SAIL and Self-Service the same?
A. Yes.

Q. What support does the IT department provide for SAIL?
A. Most issues with SAIL are handled by the Registrar's office. However, the IT Help Desk will assist you with log in questions.

Q. Where else can I find help with SAIL?
A. The Registrar's office helps with class registration, requesting transcripts, etc. Their number is 361-825-2624.

Q. I need to enter grades. Where do I go?
A. Choose the Final Grades option within SAIL.

Microsoft Outlook:

Q. How do I archive my e-mail?
A. Although Information Technology had previously supported archiving to a personal folder (otherwise known as a PST file), archiving to .pst files and placing them on a network drive is not supported by Microsoft and no longer supported by Information Technology.  PST files on a file server can cause performance problem for everyone, and can even cause the server to crash.  In addition, PST files are notorious for getting corrupted as they get large.  If you need to keep your e-mail and need your mailbox size increased, please submit a request to the requesting the increase.  Please do delete e-mail that you no longer have a business reason to keep.

Q. What if I've already been archiving my e-mail?
A. If you’ve been archiving your e-mail and have your PST file saved either on the local machine or the file server (e.g. saved on your home or common folders), please contact the IT Help Desk at 361-825-2692 or e-mail to place a work order, a technician will assist you with moving your mail out of the PST file and into your exchange mailbox including any necessary increase in mailbox size.

Q. How do I share my Outlook calendar with other users?
A. Please visit our tutorials. Choose your computer's operating system > Microsoft Office > Outlook > Calendar Sharing. 

Q. How do I access my Outlook account on my phone or tablet?
A. Please visit our tutorials. Select the Mobile option and then choose the phone or mobile device that you use. 

Q. How do I increase my mailbox size?
A. Contact the IT Help Desk for assistance.

Q. Which versions of Outlook are supported by the IT department?
A. Microsoft 2010 and 2013.

Q. Where can I find more Outlook how-to resources?
A. Follow this link for more tutorials.


Q. Which wireless connection should I use as faculty / staff?
A. Islander_admin

Q. Where do I access wireless internet?
A. Users should be able to connect to wireless internet anywhere on campus.

Q. Can I get a wireless account for a guest?
A. Contact the IT Help Desk.


Q. What do I do if I think my computer has a virus?
A. You can run Sophos updates, as well as run a virus scan. Also, feel free to contact the IT Help Desk.

Q. What is Sophos?
A. Sophos is an anti-virus software used on campus computers.

Q. What do I do if my computer quarantines or reports an issue?
A. Please contact the IT Help Desk. 


Q. Where can I find information on Cisco WebEx?
A. Please follow this link.

Q. How do I change my personal information in the online phonebook?
A. Log in to HR Connect and go to Personal Data. Choose the option to edit information (edit/update my personal/address/phone information). Most changes can be made through this option, however your title must be changed by Human Resources. Also, your phone number is linked to the extension listed in HR Connect, so be sure this is correct.

Q. How do I make someone an administrator for Punchclock?
A. Contact the IT Help Desk. Provide the user ID for the new administrator and the group for which they will be administrator.