Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I access my transcript if I have forgotten my A Number and pin number?
A. Call the Help Desk. The Help Desk will do the necessary SAIL pin reset and help the user access their A-number.

Q. Can I log in to campus computers?
A. No, alumni will not have access to campus computers.


Q. How do I access the wireless network?
A. Guests must have a sponsor in order to get on the wireless network. The guest will then be issued a temporary username and password that can be used to sign on to the guest network (Islander_Guest).

Q. What resources can I access as a guest?
A. Only internet, as long as the guest has a sponsor.

Q. Can I log in to campus computers?
A. Guests need a temporary account in order to use campus computers. Sponsors will need to call the IT Help Desk to request this account for their guest.