Computer Lab Software


The Information Technology Department works to make the computer labs as accessible and enjoyable as possible.  Our labs are equipped with a variety of software programs. Check to see which programs are available in each lab.

User Availability

Available to faculty, staff and students.

Resources and Links

  • For a listing of software available in each lab, follow this link.
Important Copyright Information:

"A student(s) shall not copy, install, or use any software or data files in violation of applicable copyright or license agreements including but not limited to downloading and or distribution of music, movies or any media via the Internet."

Since we live in a digital age, there are many sites that allow for legal distribution of copyrighted material. Please feel free to visit the following site to see the array of choices available today. As a reminder, as stated in the Texas A&M University Student Handbook, students are bound by the following rule:

Support Information

Please contact the Information Technology Help Desk for additional assistance.