Account Access


An IslandID and password are necessary to sign into most University resources. These credentials are issued to students upon acceptance to the University. Faculty and staff are given their Island ID and password at the beginning of employment. In some cases, a department can sponsor a guest or affiliate in order to access University resources.

Also, it may be helpful to realize that your A-Number is not the same as your IslandID. Your A-Number is another form of identification that is issued through the registrar's office and used for different resources, such as S.A.I.L. It can be retrieved by visiting, or by calling the Registrar's office at 361-825-2624.

Please note: Although S.A.I.L. is supported by the Registrar's office, the Information Technology Help Desk will assist you if you have trouble logging in, or need your PIN reset.

User Availability

Faculty, staff, students and guests

Resources and Links

  • New students may claim their IslandID and password here.
  • Faculty and staff should work with their department to claim their IslandID and password upon employment.
  • Guests must have a sponsor in order to get an IslandID. Please call the Information Technology Help Desk for more information.
  • Information on changing or resetting an IslandID password is available here.

Support Information

Please contact the Information Technology Help Desk for additional assistance.