Agiloft is the tickets system used at the IT Help Desk. When someone emails the IT Help Desk to either (email to this address if you are having problems) or (email to this address for new requests or changes), a help desk ticket is automatically created in Agiloft and an email is automatically sent to the person that emailed the help desk indicating their ticket was created.  The email will include the ticket number in the subject line and a link in the body of the message to the ticket to check on the status or update the ticket.

Once the ticket is created, if the Help Desk needs additional information to help in resolving your issue or request, you may receive an email from or requesting additional information, it’s important that you reply to that email so that the ticket is updated.  Once the ticket is resolved, you will also get an email indicating your ticket was resolved and will include a resolution. 

User Availability

Faculty, staff, and students.

Support Information

Please contact the Information Technology Help Desk for additional assistance.