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Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi is committed to continuously improving the accessibility of our electronic and information resources (EIR), to provide

  • universal design in all our learning and research environments,
  • inclusivity for all when using our websites and other communication channels,
  • access to all our electronic and digital services, and
  • compliance with all federal and state laws.


You see an event on a website or email, and you want to add it to your calendar, but you can't highlight the text to copy/paste it in. Instead you have to type the whole thing out.

While this is an inconvenience for you, it is an accessibility issue for people who are blind: they can't see the text that was on that event image to know when to come or what it is all about.

We want to close those types of gaps and make all our lives a little more convenient as well as accessible to people with disabilities.

Accessible EIR provides the following benefits:\

  • Increases effective communication
  • Extends learning opportunities to our diverse community in a university environment
  • Broadens employment opportunities to our current, and future, faculty and staff
  • Expands participation in, or benefits from, programs and activities
  • Keeps our university in compliance with federal and state laws, along with A&M System regulations
  • Provides everyone with more usable electronic and information resources, creating more ease and simplicity to our daily activities and tasks

The Plan

  1. Assist and Collaborate: Work towards a more inclusive environment through awareness, education, and collaboration
  2. Develop and Maintain: Create and purchase, as technology allows, the most accessible EIR that meets our goals
  3. Scan and Remediate: Review our current EIR for accessibility compliance and solve ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) concerns from our community
  4. Report and Progress: Evaluate our state of compliance and determine ways to improve

Accessibility Program Plan and Progress


If you would like to file a complaint regarding inaccessible EIRs (ADA non-compliance), please use the Campus Complaint Resolution Forum by completing the Complaint Resolution Form. Your concerns will be forwarded to the appropriate campus administrator to address.

You can contact A&M-Corpus Christi’s EIR Accessibility Coordinator at or 361.825.3154 regarding digital accessibility compliance, including purchasing, creating, and maintaining accessible digital content and devices, or EIR.


What is EIR? EIR Accessibility Guidelines Accommodations for People with Disabilities