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April 2018

Changes to Wireless Network Coming Soon: Beginning Monday, April 23, the Division of Information Technology will be making changes to Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi’s wireless network to further heighten security across campus. Personally-owned devices (e.g. smartphones) connecting to A&M-Corpus Christi’s wireless network will be placed in an unprivileged network. The unprivileged network allows access to all Internet resources, but A&M-Corpus Christi’s internal resources, such as the I: Drive, U: Drive and printers will not be accessible. 

TAMU-CC owned devices will continue to have access to internal resources using Islander_Admin. Eduroam continues as an option for all Internet resources and allows convenience when traveling to or hosting guests from other Eduroam affiliated institutions. After the change, you may be prompted to accept a security certificate before you will be connected to the wireless network. If you are unable to connect, please contact the IT Help Desk at 361.825.2692.

February 2018

Welcoming Guests with Wi-Fi: IT will be unveiling a new version of the Islander_guest network that will allow campus visitors to self-register with a valid mobile phone number and email address. Successful registration will allow 5 days access to the Islander_guest network.

If access is needed for longer than 5 days, an account can be requested through the IT Help Desk.

January 2018

Heightening email security March 2018:  For over a year, TAMUCC employees have been using Duo Two-Factor Authentication to log into Banner, Blackboard, and many other computer services.

On March 26, 2018, Duo will be added to TAMUCC email for all employees of the University.  After this date, employees will be asked to verify their identity using Duo when accessing email.

What Do I Need To Do? If you are using one of the following Duo compatible mail clients nothing needs to be done on your part:

  1. Microsoft Outlook 2016 for Windows and Mac desktops.  This is the standard email program that TAMUCC puts on all desktop computers.
  2. Microsoft Outlook Mobile Client for Apple iOS devices (e.g. iPhones, iPads) and Android devices.  The Outlook client for mobile devices is available for free from the App Store (Apple) or the Play Store (Android).
  3. Microsoft Outlook web app (  Any web browser can be used to access your email.
    4. iOS Mail, version 11 (for iOS).  This is Apple’s own mail client for the iPhones & iPads. You will need to remove your current account and recreate it to begin receiving mail again.

PLEASE NOTE: Mail for Apple computers (macOS) is NOT compatible with Duo and will not work with your University email after March 26.

If you access TAMUCC email with a program that is not on the list above, the program may cease working correctly on March 26. If you need assistance identifying which email client you are currently using, please contact the IT Help Desk. IT recommends switching to one of the programs listed above to avoid a disruption in TAMUCC email services. 

For information about system outages please follow this link: